Our Mission

"Sustineo” is a word meaning “I sustain” or “I nourish” in Latin. At Sustineo Ventures, our mission is to nourish innovative ideas, ideas that solve pressing, real-world problems with the help of technology.

Sustineo Ventures was cofounded in 2014 by Dr. Steven Scott and Rajeev Dharmapurikar.

Dr. Steven Scott brings more than 35 years of experience in medicine and medical administrative businesses that includes founding Vista HealthPlan, a nationwide HMO with revenues of $1.2 billion and 300,000 members, which was sold in 2007 to Coventry Health Care, Inc. He is also founder and former chairman of Phoenix Physicians, a national provider of hospital-based physician practice management services that was sold to Envision Healthcare in 2014. Dr. Scott serves on the Board of Trustees of Duke University, the Board of Directors of Duke University Health System, and the Board of Trustees of the University of Florida, where he has served as the Chair of the Board. He has also served on advisory boards at the Wake Forest University School of Business.

Rajeev Dharmapurikar is a technologist and serial entrepreneur. He cofounded Advisestream, a pre-health advising solution, which was acquired by Kaplan, Inc. in 2014. His other startups include Instream Solutions and Vigilantmonitor. In addition to his startup work, Rajeev has technology development experience working for companies such as Fidelity Investments, Cambridge Technology Partners, and Bell Labs.

Today, Sustineo is a team of creative, hardworking and fun-loving technologists, designers, and domain experts. At Sustineo, we believe in three essential ingredients for success: a clear vision, inspiring leadership and an inspired team.

These ingredients have helped Sustineo stay true to its mission. In October 2016, we launched our first product, Lucidity, and we continue to nurture innovation and explore the next problem to solve!